Ttraces glow colouring

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As of today .. I think that trace's colour depends on your skills .. so I guess if I am lvl 1 Medium traces would be coloured in red .. as in my case traces that used to be orange are now red .. so for example .. both Philisopher's Stone and Hermione's Time-Turner are both red ..

So my question is this

What is the intened trace glow colouring .. it should be based on the rarity of the trace or on player's ability to catch it?



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    There are so many posts on this already. Please look at current posts, before creating a new thread. Also, this belongs in bug reports.

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    No, the flares indicate the severity of the trace and has nothing to do with your skills.

    Previously, "high" had yellow flares, "severe" had orange flares, and "emergency" had red flares.

    In preparation to the S.O.S. trees (it seems) they changed the designation of the traces; all traces basically moved up one step. Everything that was "medium" before now is "high" and so on. Funny side effect is that there are no "low" traces anymore, the lowest now are "low-medium". HOWEVER, they retained there old flares. Like, something that was "very high" before would still have a yellow flare, but now would be called "severe". Or stuff that was "medium" before would be "high" now, but still had no flare.

    Seems like with 2.15 this changed so that now yellow flares again indicate "high" traces, which originally where "medium" traces and had no flare. No idea which of these changes are intentional...

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    @BenTiger I do not care about bugs or whatever you mention .. my question was simple .. what does colour of the flairs means. Thanks to HalloMami its clear to me now .. thanks anyway

    @HalloMami Thanks a lot for the prompt answer .. cheers

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