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There seems to be an issue with the Trace charm. I have Constructive Criticism mastery in my calamity essentials training that is supposed to give me a second charge of the trace charm to cast. I was working just fine until the last update. At this time I can only recharge my charms with the daily assignments, but then it only gives me one charge of the trace charm when i'm supposed to have two. Now my understanding is the traces used to charge daily and then you got a second charge if you completed the walk 0.25 kilometers ( and yes only 1 recharge even if you had mastery, not 2) but now I can only recharge through the daily tasks ( they no longer recharge daily, not a single one of the charms) and I only get one charge at that.

This must be a bug, otherwise whats the point of spending points and materials on the Constructive Criticism mastery?

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    #216 September, 2020, 06:43 pm.

    @Talsai This seems to be a misunderstanding. The three new charms never recharged daily by themselves. You always had to earn these charges.

    You can earn Trace Charm charges by completing the associated daily task and there are some SOS lessons that will allow treasure trunks to reward you with Charm Charges.

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