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So in game, I have the option to brew 9 potions. I don't see anything else available to open as I level.

However, according to https://wizardsunitehub.info/potions/, there are 15 available potions (some unlocking at level 1 that I don't have on my list).

Are these simply not yet released or am I missing something?


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    Maybe the other ones are not released yet. I'm level 16 and all my potions are currently unlocked and don't show me any that aren't. I also show 9 potions on my list.

    For the website you sent, I don't think we have access to the Bountiful Brew, Draught of Perception, Felix Felicis Potion, Memory Potion, Scintillation Potion, or the Wideye Potion yet. I wouldn't worry...I believe we all have access to the same potions.

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    That's what I was thinking too, @Overflow4487 - I'm not overly concerned about it, just kinda curious about the status of these pots.

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    I’m at level 31 and as of the end of September there are only 10 potions. I thought release 2.4 was going to give up new potions and foundables. I haven’t seen them yet. Are some of these new things going to be released with the next Brilliant Event in October?

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