Dragon week in lockdown

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Hi team,

Myself along with other members of our Melbourne WU community group have been pretty excited at finally getting an opportunity to progress our dragon pages and especially to access the other regional exclusives for the first time. However, as we get through our bronze and silver pages ... we are increasingly feeling a bit pessimistic about our prospects of walking enough portkeys for the eggs. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, but as you may or may not be aware, Melbourne is currently under some of the strictest lockdown rules in the world including an 8pm-5am curfew, limit of 1 hour exercise per day, and restricted to not travelling beyond 5km of where we live, with few reasons we are allowed to leave the house at all. With that in mind, taking the silver page for example (without silver keys), walking 30km EACH seems optimistic at best, but basically impossible for most of us at the moment.

On behalf of our group of active and generally committed players, I wanted to raised this and also propose whether it might be possible to provide an additional way to earn dragon eggs from fortresses using oddities runes, eg for tower IV and above or similar along the lines of what has been done previously on community days. This would give us an alternative way to supplement our dragon eggs through challenges which we can do at home without worrying about restrictions, and walk during our allowed times.

If you could even consider something like this it would be greatly appreciated and offer some welcome relief from the situation we find ourselves in. Thank you!



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    I agree it’s a real struggle to get out and find the portmanteaus let alone walk them enough to prestige the page. I also sent a tweet about it today https://twitter.com/valki19047234/status/1303603003249704960?s=21

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    Definitely agree with this as I cannot be leave my house and my adventure sync never works indoors. Many people who are immunocompromised also will be stuck inside unable to play this event as the amount of portkeys needed is outrageous. It would be really nice to have other means to earn the eggs for everyone.

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    they needed to throw this in our face so that we don't completely leave after the TC nerf, they dont care how well we do in prestiging the pages, if nothing I expect they're hoping we dont so that they can throw another similar event in the -near- future whenever they do a similarly huge f-up. In this event it pays dividends to have a pendulum swing or an app similar to the pogo autowalker.

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    *raises hand* I have a chronic illness and so am barely leaving my house at the moment. I'm relying on my husband to take both our phones walking but he can only do so much in one hour a day. You've made alternative options for so many other parts of the game with COVID, why not this?

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    I completely agree. Even with going outside for the fully allowed time it will me almost impossible to get all the portkeys required to prestige. I would have loved to see eggs on the ground again as well this time.

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    This feels like such a cynical move.

    People are complaining about the state of the game so they throw in the dragons. Everyone calms down and behind everyone's back they try to grab some extra cash with selling the extra keys. Knowing full well that the people in lockdown will have to spend a lot of money to pop the portkeys.

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    Totally agree with all the great points you make about Melbourne Lockdown - it will be very difficult , nigh impossible to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to prestige these regional pages not normally available to all. We are allowed one hour of exercise per day and only one person from the household can get out for essential shopping once per day. You have been so accommodating with introduction of Knight Bus etc to adjust to these COVID times, would be great if there was another way of picking up the eggs - fantastic if they could be on the map or in the Fortress or maybe even additional silver keys dropping with foundables returned. Also more Portmanteaus being available at home!

    Hoping that you can consider making some adjustments- we would appreciate help during this challenging time.

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    #909 September, 2020, 10:45 am.

    This event was already daunting from a lockdown perspective, but today the gyroscope in my phone stopped working entirely... This means my phone isn't tracking steps at all now (I can't use master notes either, and the battery saver had to be turned off because it flickers like a strobe light)... But the portmanteaus are literally impossible for me now...

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    #1009 September, 2020, 10:50 am.

    Perhaps even a Melbourne exclusive make up event would suffice. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen in Pokémon Go where a certain place has for whatever reason not been able to participate in an event and that place has had a make up exclusive event. It might even inspire other players to come here and play which could in turn help ease the burden to the local economy. A lot of Melbourne businesses could really use all the customers they can get.

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    What I am realizing is that the eggs don’t fit with all the other foundables. Eggs are considered a MEDIUM threat found able, making their fragment count pretty high for silver and gold. But, all other medium threat foundables, you see ALL the time in the wild, and can get from 2k portkeys.

    Normally, dragon eggs ONLY come from 10k portkeys. Not from challenges, not as random drops when you return a dragon (even of that type). So, when they updated the fragment counts to be consistent for the varying threat levels, I think they overlooked this one. I get that it didn’t really matter before because the dragons were regional. But, honestly, having regional foundables doesn’t make sense in this game like it does PoGo, because you can’t trade, and there isn’t any replacement.

    So, I propose that dragons be region-unlocked permanently, and that eggs become a challenge fragment (like centaur bows), and their fragment counts be adjusted to reflect.

  • TheWizardNinjaTheWizardNinja Posts: 1
    #1209 September, 2020, 11:02 am.

    Seconded with an hour of allowed exercise per day some ability to prestige pages without having to walk that far would be great.

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    As another Melbourne based player, the combination of the curfew, and living in an area which (although they're decreasing) has active cases I'm only leaving my house every 12-15 days to get groceries. Having to depend upon drift to walk portkeys makes the prospect of opening the required number to prestige 'challenging'

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    #1409 September, 2020, 10:30 pm.

    I'm also based in Melbourne & will struggle to even walk for one hour per day. I'm working in an essential industry, not allowed to walk near my workplace (more than 5 km from home) & get home from work in the dark, just before the curfew starts.

    Please, WB, give us a way we can get the dragon eggs at home, like all the other events since covid started, or at least give us a special make-up event once we're out of lockdown.

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    I'm based in Melbourne too! I'm difficult even to pickup one portkey if I stay at home or wait for one whole day for a dragon to visit me if I didn't have used the trace potion.

    Even with the trace potion, only around 4 dragons each round.

    Now I've used up almost all my potions but still couldn't get enough to prestige!

    The last thing is I don't even have ingredients to boil the potions now!!

    I would say this is difficult not only for this dragon event but also for all other events. I almost couldn't complete them in time because of the lockdown and curfew!

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    #1613 September, 2020, 07:50 pm.

    You're in for a treat then, you're going to have to brew a trace detection for the brilliant quests.

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    #1713 September, 2020, 08:00 pm.

    4 of them

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